Training Jet is a closed platform with separate registration and entry to provide training courses and materials. 

In this article we will review in detail how to create a training course and customize its sale through Sales Jet.


Creating a training course on Training Jet

When you create the first course on Training Jet, you must first configure Training Jet. To learn how to do this, read the article "Training Jet Courses". Once Training Jet is configured you can create your first course. Click the Create New Course button and complete the following fields:

  1. Title – Write the name of the course.
  2. Description – Add a detailed description of it. This information will be available to your customers.
  3. Prerequisits course – Leave this field blank if there are no other courses that need to be done before it. Or specify a course that has already been added to Training Jet and is required to be completed before proceeding to this course.
  4. Is Published – After the course is created and ready for publication, you will need to check this box.
  5. Is Free – Check this box if you want to make this course free for users.
  6. Hide Course From Users not Having Subscription – Checking this limits access only to those users who have a subscription (optional feature).

A Training Jet subscription is an access to training courses and allows the user to study a specific set of courses or just one course on Training Jet.

Click the Save button.


Add course steps

Now add steps to the course. Go to the Course Steps tab. For this demonstration, our course will include 2 sections. Click on Section and drag it into the page. Click on the Edit icon and name the section. Inside each section there will be 2 tutorial video lessons. So drag Video into the section box (see below).

Now click the Edit (pencil) icon. The Edit Video window opens. Write the name of the video and add a link to the video content from YouTube or Vimeo. You can create your own YouTube channel and add educational videos there or create an account on Vimeo and add a video there. After that, simply copy the link and paste it into the Video Link field in Training Jet. Within a few seconds, the video is added to Training Jet. You can ensure it has loaded correctly in the Preview section. Once uploaded correctly add a text description in the Additional Content field under the video.

Click Save and Close.

At the end of the course we will add a test to verify understanding. Drag the step Question Block into the course page and click the Edit icon. Write a name and description for the test and click Add Question to begin creating the questions. Write the first question and click Add Answer. You can create multiple answer choices and mark the correct option (or several options).

Add a few questions and answers to each question, and then click Save and Close.

Once users have successfully passed the test, they will be able to download a diploma for the course. To set this up, you have to add a file for download - a diploma of completion. Drag Article after the Question Block and click the Edit icon. Fill in the fields: Title and Text and click Save and Close. Now click the paperclip icon in the Article step and attach the file of the certificate you want the user to download.

We have now created a training course. Go back to the General Info tab in the General Course Settings and check Is Published and save your settings again.


Create a subscription

Go to the Subscriptions tab. Click Create a New Subscription. Fill in the fields:

  1. Name – The name of the subscription may differ from the name of the course.
  2. Description – Add a description for the subscription. It will be visible to Training Jet users.
  3. Price – Set the price in the Project Settings. If you need to change the currency, go to Project Settings > General.
  4. Length in Days – Set the duration of access to the training course.
  5. Most Popular – Check the box to have this subscription appear first in the list of subscriptions.
  6. Hide Subscription From Users not Having Subscription – You can check the box and hide the subscription from users who did not purchased it, if you intend to sell this subscription through the Sales Jet funnels.
  7. Subscription Type - General: gives access to all courses, or Subscription to courses: you manually set the courses that will be available to users after purchasing a subscription.

Click Save and Close.

To see how your course will look to users, copy the TJ Web Address link from the upper right corner of the courses page and paste into your web browser. You will be taken to a registration page (if you are entering the course for the first time). Click on the phrase at the bottom of the page "Don't have an account? Create one!" Enter your email address and create a password.

Your will receive a link to the course through your personal account. Click this link to enter the course and you will see exactly what users will see. 

If you have paid courses, then to enter the course you will need to add yourself to a subscription. To do this, create a dummy user profile for yourself in Training Jet > Users tab. Read more in the article "Training Jet Users".

Open the user profile and click Add Subscription. Select a time period to access the courses. Now you can log in again and go through your subscription course. Similarly, you can add other users; send each a link to the course and manually add a subscription and they will be able to access.

Note: You do not need to add all users manually. This procedure is performed only in special cases. For example: if you want to provide free access to an employee, or if are having technical difficulties with the operation of the site. Generally, the user gains access automatically after purchasing the course online.


Create a funnel

Go to Sales Channels > Websites > Funnels tab. Click the Create a New Funnel button. Fill in the fields:

  1. Funnel Name – Your guests and leads will see this title.
  2. Description – Describe your product. This description will also be available to visitors.
  3. Sales Jet Domain – Come up with a funnel address; how your website will be found in a browser.
  4. Funnel Language – Select a language from the list.


Create a page

Click Create New Page. In the window that opens, select the page template and click the Select button. After that fill in the fields:

  1. Funnel – Select a funnel from the list.
  2. Title – Visitors will be seen page.
  3. Description – It will also be available to visitors of the page.
  4. Page address – You can add values to the page address or leave it blank.

Click Create page. The first page that we just created appears in the list of pages.


Create a page design

Click the green Design button to go to the Page Editor.

All changes to the design of your page are done through the Page Editor. For more information on how to create or edit pages, read the section "Page Editor" of the articles "General Overview of the Page Editor", "Sections, Columns and Rows", "Elements" and others.

When creating the page we chose a ready-made template, changed the background and added a description of the training courses in the form field. Then we set the button action for the Purchase Rate button through the Click Action section. We set the action so that when someone clicks the button, the visitor is sent directly to the cart to pay for the subscription.

If necessary, you can add a page flow - a sequence of interactions between you and site visitors through automated actions (for example, sending an email with a special offer). To set up go to the Page Flow tab.

In the flow we created the event Form Submission, and a response action to send the email "Invitation to Our Webinar".

For information on how to create a flow, read the articles "Sales Jet Flow" and "Page Flow".


Add payment tools

Now we have created a page where people can find and purchase our Training Jet course. When the visitor enters the payment page he will be shown the possible payment methods for the product. Payment methods are tools for payment, such as: debit or credit cards, PayPal, and others. To add these payment tools you need to create them in the Settings section.

Go to Settings > Project Settings > Payment Methods. Click the Create Payment Integration button and add one of the proposed payment options. You can add the following payment tools to Sales Jet:

  • Cash – This payment method is not suitable for selling Training Jet courses, because the seller and buyer do not meet in person. Accordingly, we did not add this payment method.
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

For more on how to connect payment methods, you can read the article "Payment Methods".

After you have added your payment methods, your customers will be able to pay for the course through youer page. After payment, Sales Jet will automatically send a Training Jet registration link to the client's email address. After registration, the client will have access to their training courses.

To view the page copy and paste the link from the upper right corner of the course page into a new browser window and log into your Training Jet account.


Create a Training Jet flow

The Training Jet flow is a sequence of events and actions within Training Jet. Go to the Training Jet section > Flow tab. Here you will set the events for Training Jet users and response actions:

  • An account has been created – When the user has created an account (registered), he will be sent an email with a brief description of the course.
  • Completed course – After completing the course, Training Jet will send an email asking them to buy the next course.
  • No activity for N days – If the user does not enter Training Jet within 5 days (you can set any time limit), an email is sent to him reminding him to continue his training. Every time there is no activity for 5 days, this email will be sent to the user.