It is important to connect payment gateways (methods of payment) to your Sales Jet account so that visitors on your site can see and use the Payment button to make purchases through a shopping cart.

Available payment gateways in Sales Jet:

  1. Cash
  2. Stripe
  3. Paypal

You can connect one or several of these methods.

How to connect payment gateways

All payment methods have similar settings:

  1. Title – The name of this payment method; it is only visible to you.
  2. Description – Visitors will see this description of the payment method.
  3. Button Text – This is the text you want to show in the payment button on your web page.
  4. Connected Funnels – Select from the list one or more funnels and this payment button/method will be made available to those pages.
  5. Is Primary Payment Method – Check this box for the payment method you want displayed first if you have several options available.
  6. Integration Parameters (not applicable for Cash payments) – Integration options are different for different payment methods. For Stripe, you need to specify two keys - published and secret. For PayPal, only email. 

Payment information collected through the payment gateways can be found in the Orders and Payments tabs.

Different payment methods can be linked to different funnels: for example, one funnel can be set up to receive cash payments, the other to receive payments through PayPal. If you do not connect the payment method to a funnel, then all payment gateways you have integrated will be shown on the order page with your primary payment listed first.

If you have VAT payment settings for different products, then configure each product individually, so as not to use the default setting (in the payment integration settings). 

If you specify cash as the method of payment then you will need to manually change the status of the order in the Orders tab.