Payments is a list of all  users who have added a product to the cart and reached the payment page. It will display all users who have paid for their order, those who reached the payment page and have chosen a payment method, or they started a payment but did not complete it for any reason.

In the Payments tab you will see information about the client and payment:

  1. Payment Date – When the action occurred.
  2. Payment number – This is the same as the order number. Clicking on it will open an additional window. with the order information. You can manage this order and make changes from this window as well as from the Orders tab. Read more about this in the article "Orders".
  3. Connected Lead – This is a link to the customer or lead's information: name, e-mail, telephone, event log. The event log will show data such as: user 20 minutes ago Added product to their basket, then 20 minutes ago Visited the checkout page, then 19 minutes ago Cancelled order.
  4. Result – The status of the payment: successful or unsuccessful (declined).
  5. Payment Method – How the payment was made (for example, PayPal). Click on the link and the payment ID will open.
  6. Payment Amount – This is the amount paid by the customer.