Shipping methods are created if the product you sell is a physical product and you will deliver goods to the buyer. To create shipping methods, go to Settings > Project Settings >Shipping Methods.

How to create a shipping method

Click "Create a new shipping method", then fill in the fields below:

  1. Name – Create a name for the shipping method (USPS, UPS, Pickup, delivery in 1 hour, etc.)
  2. Description – Add a description, which will be displayed on the order form. For example: Shipment at own expense from our warehouse to the user's entered address.
  3. Base price – Set the price for this shipping method. Leave this field blank if you cannot charge the shipping fee at the time of order as you will need to determine the shipping costs after the order is placed. You can change the cost of delivery even after the order has been placed or paid (to do this, go to the tab "Orders"). 

Add all shipping/delivery options for your product. The methods you specify will be displayed on the order form on your web page.

How to set shipping methods on a web page

In your funnel, select the web page with the goods you are selling. On this page you will create "Button" elements for each product separately. In the menu on the right, you will configure the "Click Action" which will allow you to set how you want purchases to be made.

Select Action "Purchase" or "Add to Cart". If you select "Purchase", then after clicking on the button, the user will be immediately redirected to the payment page. If you use "Add to Cart", then after clicking on the button a small field displaying his cart with the added goods opens on the right of the website. This option allows the user to complete his purchase on the current page. 

Next, in the "Product selection" field, select the product which will be attributed to this button.

Click the "Publish" button. Now the cart will display the available shipping methods to the user.