A page element is an integral part of a web page. We use element to describe all the text and graphic components, as well as video, images, icons and forms. To build your page, you add the elements you need to create the layout/content you desire and customize them in the menu on the right.

How to add an element item

Click the "Add Element" in the upper right corner of the Page Editor.

In the box that opens, select the element you want. You have 10 ready-made elements and a special element for creating your own by entering html-code. Drag the element to the page section where you want the item located.

After you have added an item to the page, you will need to configure it. The element menu is located on the right and contains all the settings for the item. These settings are unique for each element, however some of them are repeated. For example: the text elements (text, title, form, button) have recurring settings – text color, background color, padding.

Interactive elements are elements the visitor can interact with, such as a form, a button or an icon. These elements differ from others in that they are clickable. These elements have a "Click Action" – an action that will occur when a site visitor clicks the interactive element. You will define the Click Action for each item. A Click Action will move the visitor to another page like a product payment page, thank you page, etc.

Details of each element and its functions are described in their corresponding articles. See "Page editor" for more details.