A document is a special text file that specifies the conditions for providing information on the Sales Jet and Training Jet pages. This may be a user agreement, privacy policy, company details and other legal documents.

In the Documents tab, you create and store documents for Sales Jet. These documents will be displayed at the bottom of the web page, as well as on the payment pages. The visitor of the page will be able to read them and get information about the company.

How to create a document

Documents can be created in two places: in the Sales Jet funnel and in the Training Jet courses. The Documents tab is located in the top menu.

The principle of creating documents is the same for both Sales Jet and Training Jet. Click on the Create a new document button and fill in the fields: document name, page address, select the document type from the list provided and write the document text.

The difference between the two methods lies in the arrangement of documents on the pages. Training Jet documents are displayed at the bottom of the page during registration and on the pages of training courses.

Sales Jet documents are located on the payment pages. You also have the option to place Sales Jet documents on any other pages you desire.

How to attach a document to a page (website)

Go to Sales Channels > Websites > Funnels > Page > Design. This opens the Page Editor. You can place documents anywhere on your page, but most often information about the company and company documents are placed in the very bottom of the page, at its lowest part.

In the place where you want to add a document, create a text field by adding a Text element. Next, select the text inside the field. This opens a text tool menu that opens along the top of the page editor. You can change the text color and boldness through the tool menu.

Select the element Link, and fill in the below fields in the window that opens:

  1. Displayed text - Write the name of the document: details, privacy policy, etc.
  2. Link type: link - This auto-selects for you and we don't want to change it.
  3. Protocol - do not change.
  4. Link - Copy the entire address of the public link of the document (in the Documents section) and paste it into this field. Sales Jet will automatically separate the protocol and link, and fill in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click OK.

A clickable link to your document now appears on the page.

Save the page with the changes and click Publish. Now when the user clicks on the name of the document on the site, an additional window will open with the text of the document.