Sales Jet is the platform on which you create a marketing Funnel and marketing strategies to sell your products.

Sales Jet allows you to create your marketing funnels and automate the sales process without any integration. You get everything you need in one tool: an advanced designer of web pages, page templates, a learning platform, custom domains, payment integration, electronic distribution, detailed analytics, and much more.

Have you ever had to integrate email, pop-ups and setting up domains on your websites? Then you know that all modern tools are quite complex and they continue to change. Sales Jet is the easiest to use and fully functional platform on the market. In Sales Jet, we believe that technology should be invisible and it should just work. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning new technologies.

Sales Jet is an easy way to get started, set up your marketing funnels, and grow your company. You can easily and quickly create your own sales funnels. To start, use a free profile to set up a webpage and funnels and test and learn the platform. Once you have mastered Sales Jet and built your automated sales funnel you can upgrade to a paid plan for additional platform functionality, increased site visitors, and so on. If you can’t set up your funnel, you won’t pay anything.

Sales Jet is built around what we call Flows - a unique tool for creating a marketing funnel. Flows allows you to take any ideas you can come up with for your funnel and implement them without any integration. Flows allow you to think about marketing differently, without technological limitations – a real flow of events for each page you create. With our flows you do not need to jump from one platform to another, use different tools, learn programming or design. Flows are the only thing you need to raise your marketing to a new level.

Sales Jet is a simple solution for creating your own funnels, email newsletters, analytics and other functions that are necessary to your business. It's about simple integration and invisible intuitive technology. Our mission is to conduct a marketing renaissance in business so that companies can easily take their marketing to a new level.

All functions of the platform are discussed in more detail in the Sales Jet Knowledge Base .