The Training Jet flow is a sequence of events and actions for users within Training Jet.

This flow is intended to follow your clients throughout the course. It does not intersect with the funnel and page flows. During training on the Training Jet site, the user executes events - creates an account, completes the course, logs in, etc. In response to these events, you execute actions - sending emails, SMS messages, etc. Types of events and actions are described in detail in the articles Types of Events in a Flow and Types of Actions in a Flow.

The purpose of the Training Jet flow is to bring the user to the end of the training and then suggest and get then to purchase the next course, and so on.

After paying for the course, the user takes an action you have defined as a flow event - creates an account on the Training Jet. In response you have set an action to send an email to the client. After the client complets one step of training, the next e-mail is sent to the them. If the client does not enter Training Jet within 5 days, an SMS message is sent to him. And if he does not return within 10 days, a phone call is made. After completing the course, he is sent a special offer to purchase the next course.

For more information, see the Training Jet Review .