In the "What to sell" section there are 2 tabs:

  • Products (these are any products and services that you sell through Sales Jet).
  • Training Jet.

Training Jet is a closed platform with a separate registration and login to provide training courses and materials for your users. Materials and courses on Training Jet can be both free and paid. You can create your training courses and materials, customize access to these courses and sell them using the Sales Jet stream.

You can also set up a Training Jet flow that will act as a follow-up flow from inside the training platform. This means that you can set up an automated series of steps which will perform certain actions in response to user behavior. For example, if the user has not logged into his course for severel days the system can send an automatic email to remind him to continue his course.

Read more about the Training Jet flow in the article "Training Jet Flow".

User Access in Training Jet

You can add Training Jet users in three ways:

  1. User can register themselves by signing up through your Training Jet login screen.
  2. Register the user manually through the Admin portal by clicking Create a new user, which automatically sends them a log-in link (go to Training Jet > Settings > Users).
  3. User can purchase a subscription to your course which will automatically email an invitation to the user.

Read more in the articles "Training Jet Users" and "Training Jet Subscriptions".

Courses and Materials

A course is a series of steps with a type of training material (video, text, graphics, pictures, tests, etc) that the user completes in sequence to an end result. To create your course go to Training Jet > Courses > Course Steps. To add steps you simply drag and drop the desired step into your course outline. 

Types of steps you will use to build your course are:

  • Sections
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Blocks of questions

Files can be added to each step, allowing you to upload documents for the user to view and read. You can also configure each step to determine whether it is a requirement of the previous step, is always available, or has a specific time to be accessed. 

To build your course you will add each consecutive step to the training course, depending on what you want the user to complete to lead to the next step, and then attach your training material, files and determine the final order of steps.

You can change the sequence of steps, remove or add new steps to the course structure at any time. Read more in the article "Training Jet Courses".