Training Jet users are customers who have registered and have an account with Training Jet.

To access, go to the Users tab under Training Jet. You will see a list of users who have paid for your training course as well as users who have registered but do not have a subscription. 

User details:

  1. Username – If you click on the user's name, the View Profile window opens which is a duplicate of  the View button. This gives detailed information about the user.
  2. Email – Subscription access is tied to an e-mail so the e-mail address is highlighted in a separate column.
  3. Registration – Shows the date when the user registered with Training Jet.
  4. Last Activity – Displays when the user last logged into Training Jet.
  5. Current subscription – Whether the person has an active subscription and the number of days remaining until the subscription is completed.
  6. View button – Opens the View Profile window where you can view user data, make changes, add or delete subscriptions to courses and see the event log.
  7. Delete button – Removes a user from Training Jet.

How to create a user

You can create Training Jet users manually. Click on the Create New User button which will open a new window with the following fields:

  1. Email – Write the user's e-mail.
  2. First Name – Enter the user's name.
  3. Last Name – Enter the last name of the user.

Click the Create button to add the user. An activation email will be sent to this user automatically. When the user first logs in they will need to create a password to activate their account.

From the main Users list you can click on the View Profile button to change the user information: first name, last name, e-mail and password .

To add a subscription for the user, click on the Add Subscription button. In the window that opens, select a subscription from the list and specify the access period: the start date and the end date of the subscription. Click Save.

After activating the account, the user’s event log will be displayed on the page below.