Page Flow – one of the most powerful marketing tools you'll ever experience.

It allows you to create automation and interact with your users and make your marketing unstoppable.

A Flow is a sequence of actions within a single web page that responds to what the user does and performs response actions.

The difference between the funnel flow and a page flow is that in the funnel flow, you create events and actions for all pages at once, which may cover 5, 10 or 30 pages depending on your funnel; in the page flow you are only covering events the client performs on that page, followed with corresponding actions.

On the page, the user executes an event – file download, which triggers the page flow action – a thank you email is sent, then an SMS is sent 1 day later, and so on. The number of actions in the flow is unlimited.

For details on the types of events and actions in the stream, see the articles "Types of events in the flow" and "Activities in the flow".