A funnel flow is a sequence of Events and Actions within a single funnel. The Events refers to what the users does on the page (visit the page, submit a form etc) and the Actions are what you want to respond to the user (EG - Event: the user buys something, Action: Send a welcome email).

It differs from page flow in that events in the funnel flow address the entire funnel which may consiste of 5, 10, 30 pages. Your funnel flow will take action on every page in that funnel. Whereas a page funnel events are only those taken on that page. If you need to add actions for a single page then you should use a page flow.

In both the funnel flow and the page flow are different events taken by a visitor on your pages.

The funnel flow has such events as: Visit Thank You Page, Order Purchase, Order Data Form Submit.

And in the page flow are such events as: Page visit, File Download, Form Submit.

So in the funnel flow are events that are suitable for all types of pages, and in the page flow are events that the client performs specifically on the page indicated.

Event - form submission by the visitor on a page. In response to this event an action takes place - attach the tag “Created order”, then send an email to this visitor (or several emails about our products); if the visitor has opened an email, clicked on the link and bought the product, then remove the tag and call the customer, and continue to send emails; if the visitor doesn't purchase, then send him an SMS message reminding him that he submitted a form, send several emails calling for the completion of his purchase, and a phone call is made from the sales manager.

Types of events and actions are described in detail in the articles "Types of Events in a Flow" and "Types of Actions in a Flow".