Actions in a flow are a sequence of steps (actions) in response to an event that the user has taken. That is: "What do you decide to do, based on user events?"

For example: in response to a form being sent, we send an email to the user with their order information. You can set up a series of actions that will bring your client from where they are to the purchase of a product (or service) and will accompany the client after the purchase – sending him information about special offers, new products, and offers to purchase their next step.

The types of actions in each flow are the same. Let us consider them in more detail and review how to complete the "Settings" for each action.

Types of action

  • Add a Tag - Adds a descriptive label to guest/lead. In the field"Settings" you must assign a tag name.
  • Remove a tag from a lead - Removes tag from guest/lead. In the field"Settings" you must assign a tag name.
  • Send email - An email is sent to the registered contact/lead's specified email address. In order for the email to be sent, the lead has to indicate their email in the email field of the form. If the email wasn't submitted Sales Jet will not be able to complete this action.

In the field "settings" that opens, you will need to enter: the email address, the template version (new or existing), select the SMTP connection, enter a subject line and write the text of the email (if creating a new email template). You will be asked to send a test email to an email address you enter so you can verify the settings. At any time you can return to the settings and change the email template or any other item.

  • Send SMS Message - Sales Jet will send an SMS message to the contact's phone number they indicated in their form submitted on your site. If the number is incorrect or not specified, the SMS message will not be sent.

In the "Settings" you will be prompted to select a text message template (new or existing) and select a phone number or add a new one. Below you will write the text of the SMS message. You can set a dynamic value in the text by using [P] to the right of the text you wish to personalize. [P] is a variable value that you set in the text template, and the program automatically replaces this value with the selected parameter.

For example, you could insert the customer’s name, age, telephone number, status, discount code, etc. Select [P] from the list provided. It is important to understand that the variables will be replaced by values only if the previous action in the stream has this data. In other words, if in the form that the client completes on your site’s page there is no phone number field, and you choose this action, then the SMS will not display the correct number, but the phrase “#Contact | Phone #". So be sure that the dynamic field you are using has been populated. 

Next, you will be asked to select a contact number and fill in advanced settings: the name of the template and description.

  • Make Phone Call - Sales Jet will call the phone number that the contact indicated on their form. In the "Phone Call Setup" field, you must select a call patter (new or existing), fill in the Name and Description fields, select the phone number from which the call will be made, and select the Record field. You will also need to create the call script: specify the contact number to which the call will be made and indicate the steps to take after the call is answered (say a message, connect to another number, pause, hang up). Once complete, you will have the option to make a test call to the number you specified before making the action live.
  • Start Follow Up - Will begin a series of follow up actions you specify if the lead is recognized by Sales Jet. 
  • Stop Follow Up - Cancels the series of follow up actions.
  • Add Product to Lead - A specific product will be added to the contact if Sales Jet can identify the product and the form has been previously sent. Usually used for free products, as paid access is granted immediately after purchase.
  • Remove Product from Lead - A specific product is removed from a contact if Sales Jet recognizes it.

  • Create Special Offer - A special discount is created for certain products for that lead. If a lead has a current special offer, Sales Jet will update it.
  • Remove Special Offer - Removes a special product discount offer.
  • Add TJ Subscription - Creates a Training Jet Subscription for the visitor.
  • Add Contact/Lead to Email Broadcast List - Adds the contact's email to the selected email distribution list.
  • Remove Contact/Lead from Email Broadcast List - Deletes the contact from the selected email distribution list.
  • WebHook - Sales Jet will send a web request with the data you specify. This action is intended for advanced users, as it requires additional settings.
  • Make a Note - Create a note attached to the contact.

Action settings

General settings for each action:

  1. Configuration - You set up this step right away when you add an action.
  2. When to run - Here you set when the step will be executed. You have the following options: Immediately - the action is performed immediately after the event; A time delay - set the delay desired for the action; date and time - set a specific date for the action.
  3. Conditions - Here you assign the conditions for performing the action. Namely, select the list of contacts that will be sent emails. Contacts are sorted by the conditions you specified.

For example: you select the contact attribute as the client's age and set the conditions “more than” and set the value to 45. Now the action will be performed only on the specified conditions – when the client is older than 45. If you set the action to be send an SMS message, then the SMS message will be sent only to those contacts who have indicated their age and are more than 45 years old.

Conditions for actions

  • Clicked link in Email

This condition will highlight all users who clicked on a link in an email. You can specify an email from the list and create a list of contacts that followed a link in this specific email.

  • Completed Training Jet Course

This condition identifies users who have successfully completed a course on the Training Jet platform. You will specify the Training Jet course in a separate field. You can configure the action to run on every Training Jet course completed (for example: sending an email).

  • Current Date

This sets the date of the action to be taken. You can set a specific date when the trigger the execute the action, for example, the condition "send an email" will cause an email to be sent on the specified date.

  • Current Time

This condition determines the time of the action. You can set a specific time when the trigger will execute the action. If you set the condition to "send an email" then an email will be sent at the specified time.

  • Currently has a Training Jet Subscription

This condition creates a list of contacts that currently have a Training Jet subscription – existing Training Jet customers.

  • Date Added

This condition divides contacts by the date of addition (that is, the date of registration on the page). All users registered on the specified date will be in the contact list. Or you can set the filter"pre-date"and"after date". Thus, select users who have registered before or after a specific date.

  • Has Product

This identifies users who have a specific product. In the product field, enter the name of the specific product you wish to target. This will create a list of customers who bought this product. Or you can select contacts who have not yet purchased the product and execute an action for those products (for example: send them an email).

  • Has Tag

This condition selects users to which a tag label is attached. You can select the contacts to which the label is attached. By adding tags to contacts you can label new customers or customers with certain conditions you wish to target in your marketing. Here you will see all clients ww.

  • Has Training Jet Account

Identifies users who have registered with Training Jet and have an account. It does not matter whether these users have a subscription or a valid course.

  • Inside Funnel

This condition creates a list of contacts inside the selected funnel. In this way we can divide our customers into different categories. For example, we created a “Workshops” funnel and inside this funnel there are several pages on conducting seminars along with contacts of people who registered for these seminars. Then we created a second funnel "Webinars" and inside this funnel are pages on conducting online webinars with a list of contacts that have been registered for these webinars. With these funnel actions, we can share contacts gathered at seminars and from online events.

  • Last Form Submit Date

This condition divides contacts by the date they submit a form on your page. With this condition we can select only those users who registered during a certain period of time - either before a specific date or after that date.

  • Lead Event Attribute

The lead has triggered a specific Event 

  • Lead / Contact Attribute

You can select a specific contact / lead attribute from the list (name, phone, e-mail, etc.) and select only those contacts that contain that specific attribute. For example, all contacts that contain a phone number, and then send an SMS message to those numbers.

  • Training Jet last active date

This condition separates activity contacts on the Training Jet training platform and is valid only for registered Training Jet users. This condition can be used in case it is necessary to combine users who have not been active later than a specific date, and to do so (send them a letter or an SMS message). Or vice versa, select users who actively attend Training Jet and encourage them (send a letter, an SMS message, add a product as a bonus, etc.).

  • Not Chosen

You haven't selected any option

  • Opened Email

This condition defines users who have opened a specified email. You can also select users who have not opened an and perform the action - to resend the email.

  • Purchased Product

This condition distinguishes customers who have purchased a particular product. Indicate the name of the product in this condition and it will complile a list of all customers who have bought this product.

  • Started Training Jet Course

This condition identifies all Training Jet users who have started a Training Jet course. For example, you can select users who have not started a specific training course and perform an action — send them an email.

  • Training Jet course step completed

This condition identifies users who have completed a specific step within the Training Jet training course. For example they watched a certain video and now we can perform an action - send an e-book or lesson checklist in an email.

  • Training Jet Last Activity Date

This option will allow you to select users with specific activity dates, for example, you can choose to send a communication only to those users that accessed the platform after a certain date.

  • Visited page

This condition highlights all visitors to a specified page. You can create a list of all contacts who visited the page and perform an action to them (send a letter, SMS message, etc.). This condition also allows you to separate visitors from different pages – if you have created several pages inside the funnel – so you can select only those visitors who went to the same page.


All conditions can be used in combination with each other. For example we can combine users who have a Training Jet subscription, a specific contact attribute (phone number), and their date added is not earlier than 01/02/2019. By using these conditions you will create a list of such users and can then send them an SMS message with information about the product. You can create various lists and set any conditions for action.

Once set, the condition for a specific action in your thread will be met for all new users in the future.