Visits contain information about visits to your web pages. A visit is one session (period of continuous time) when person is on one of your pages.

One visit counts every page view. If the same visitor visits a page several times during the day or week each of those visits will be counted as a separate visit. One visit lasts 30 minutes. This means that if a visitor came to the page twice with an interval of 5 minutes, then one visit will be counted. If the interval between visits was 30 minutes or more, then it will be several visits.

Go to Sales Channels > Websites > Visits.

During the visit, Sales Jet records all available parameters about the visitor: browser, time, source. If the visitor has already left information about himself earlier on other pages of your funnel, Sales Jet will display that information about the visitor (name, email address, etc.).

In this section you can see a complete list of visits to your web pages. Information about visitors is presented in the table:

  1. Date - The exact time and date when the visitor was on your webpage.
  2. Info - The browser through which the visitor entered your site, and the device type used for the visit.
  3. Page - This is the name of the visited webpage.
  4. Address - The website address of the page visited.
  5. Duration - The length of time during which the page remained opened by the visitor.
  6. Source - Where the person was just before they arrived to your page, usually indicating this page contained a link clicked to lead them to your page.
  7. Guest - Click on the View link and a new window will open displaying visitor information collected through a cookie. These visitors have not filled in a form or otherwise provided you with their information.
  8. Lead - These visitors have completed a form on your site or otherwise submitted information about thesmelves. If so, you will be able to click the View link. Otherwise it will display "No".

You can set filters for this list:

  1. Funnel - See page visits from one specific funnel.
  2. Visit Date or Date Range - Display page visit information for a specific date range. For example: 7 days, or set the interval manually.

You can click on the column header to sort by that column type (except the Info column). In the text columns (page, address, source) information will be sorted alphabetically. In the date column it will sort by most recent to oldest visit date. In the duration column it will sort by length of session duration.

In the upper right corner is displayed the total number of views for all your web pages along with the page view limit for your current plan. When the number of views equals the plan limit your pages will become inaccessible to users. You will need to upgrade your plan, increasing your viewing limit, which will allow new visits to your site. Read about the plan limits in the article "Access and payment".