Through the page editor you can add a video to your webpage. First upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo; you will be copy and pasting the link into the video element field in your Page Editor.

Click on Add Element in the upper right of the Page Editor and drag the Video element into the desired location on your web page. Click on the video element you have placed on your webpage, which will open the Video element menu. As with the other elements, the menu allows you to name and save your changes at the top, and then lists three sub-menus: General, Advanced, Animation.


Search settings - Here you can change the background color and, in the Show on Screen section, tailor which devices (mobile and desktop) will show the video; allowing you to display the video to only desktop views or mobile viewers or both.

Video Settings - Here you will paste the video link you copied from YouTube or Vimeo.


Border - You can customize the border around the button: border style (solid, dotted, double, dotted, inside, outside), thickness and color.

Round Corners - You can adjust the rounding degree of the button corners.

Shadow - Create a shadow behind the button, choose a color and adjust the shadow dimensions and blur.

Text Shadow - This section adds a shadow to the text inside the button. You can change the shadow and blur dimensions as well as change the text shadow color. 

Conditional impression. This function will hide or show the selected item from the visitor. For example, if you want to show a special offer to a new user, then hide this offer and do not show it again. Turn on Conditional Impression. Select "Show" - if you want to show the item, or "Hide" - if you want to hide it from the visitor. Then select the condition: first visit, return visit, the product has a special offer and has already registered.

Animation - Toggle Position Animation on or off depending on whether you want to add additional features to your video:

Type - Create and set video effects such as fades, ripples, flips, rotations, slides and others. 

Duration - Set the duration for your selected video effects. 

Delay - Set a delay to the video animation.

Repetition - Choose video repetition, if desired.

Condition - Whether the animation is viewable immediately or when the mouse is hovered over the video.

Play/Stop/Copy Buttons - Let's you test out your video animation.