To create and manage emails go to the section Sales Channels and click on the Emailng tab. Here you can manage outgoing emails. At the top left you will see how many emails you have sent compared to your plan's limit.

The menu at the top includes:

Sent Emails

All outgoing emails either from your funnels or manually created are listed here. Each email will display the following information:

  • Subject line
  • Lead - Who was sent the email
  • Opens - How many recipients opened the email
  • Clicks - How many times a link from the email was clicked on
  • Status - Sent or Unsent
  • Date - When the email was sent

Clicking on the Subject link will open an new window showing the details of the email:

  • Sending address
  • Subject
  • Email body (text)
  • Status
  • Statistics
  • Date sent

Click on the Lead link will take you to the user profile accessed from the Contacts and Leads tab.

E-mail templates

Email templates are previously created email templates. You can create templates by adding the action Send Email to a specific web funnel page or by creating an email broadcast. Sales Jet uses these templates to send an actual email to contacts. In this window you can see and make changes to a list of all existing letter templates. In this list you will be able to see the following:

  • Subject - The subject line
  • Connected to actions - What funnel this email is connected to
  • Opens - The number of total opens as well as the number of unique individual opens
  • Open Rate - How many emails were opened out of the total number of sent emails
  • Clicks - The number of total link clicks and the number of unique users who clicked on a link
  • Click Rate - How many clicks from this email out of the total number of clicks
  • Last Send Date - When the email was last sent.

Click on the Subject to change the letter template. A window will opens with the following menu:

Body - Here you can see and edit the SMTP server, email subject and the body of the email. You can also send a test email by entering an email address in the box below.

Sent Emails - Lists all your sent emails using this template, showing the user name and email address, stats on opens and clicks, sent  status, and date sent.

Opens - The total amount and unique percentage of email opens.

Clicks - The total amount and unique percentage of email link clicks.

Unsubscribes - The number of percentage of unsubscribe requests from that email.

To learn how to create a letter template, see the separate article "E-mail Template".

Broadcast Lists

Here you can create and manage your broadcast mailing lists. The mailing list is a targeted list for your broad email blasts. In this tab, you define the conditions for sending a specific email mailing.

In the Broadcast List tab, you will see and be able to manage the lists you have created:

  1. Name - The name of the mailing. Duplicates the Edit button on the right. Opens the Edit Mailing List window. Here you can change the conditions of the broadcast mailing.
  2. Description - The description of the mailing list.
  3. Date Created - When this broadcast was created.
  4. Type - Method of distribution: Dynamic or Manual.
  5. Amount of e-mails - Number of emails in the broadcast list.
  6. Edit Button - Allows you to make changes to the list.
  7. Archive Button - Sends the list to archive if it is no longer being used.
  8. Delete Button - Removes the list completely.

You can search for a specific broadcast mailing list using the search bar. In the Archive tabs you can set whether to display or hide the archive: Hide (removes from the list those mailings that are in the archive), Show (shows lists that are in the archive), Everything (shows all lists that have been created).

Using the broadcast list, you can create any contact filters you need to segment and target your contacts with emails containing information directly applicable to them. Filtering and Searching Conditions allows you to create any combination of conditions, simple or complex, to meet your needs.

For example: you can create a broadecast to send an email only to clients from the city of Moscow. Or you can filter your customers for those who purchased one of your products and offer them additional products to encourage repeat purchases. To learn how to create a broadcast list, read the article "Mailing Lists".

You can use conditions to both add and exclude contacts from your lists according to certain parameters you set.

For example: you can exclude customers whose order amount was less than $100. To do this, select the condition "Paid amount in the amount of". Then in the condition box, select "More than" and in the empty field enter the amount - 100. Click the View Results button to see the lists of contacts that fit the conditions you specified.

For details about what conditions and filtering read the article "Advanced Filters". 


Broadcasts are a way to broadly send emails to contacts in your database. You have created a letter template, created a list (contact filtering conditions) and now you need to send emails.

On the Broadcasting page all your created broadcast mailings are listed with the creation and sent details:

  1. Date Created - When this newsletter was created.
  2. Name - Duplicates the View Broadcast button on the right and opens the View Mailing window. Here you will find detailed information on the list: creation date, sent date, number of e-mails, opens, clicks and more.
  3. Sent - The number of sent and scheduled emails. If an email was undeliverable you will see this as well.
  4. Opens - How many emails were opened.
  5. Clicks - The number of link clicks from the email.
  6. Unsubscribe - How many people unsubscribed from the list.
  7. Scheduled - The date the mailing was sent.
  8. Status - Scheduled or Sent.
  9. View Broadcast Button - Opens the View Mailing window where you can see detailed information.
  10. Copy Button - Allows you to create a copy of the broadcast.
  11. Archive - Moves the broadcast to the archive when it is no longer needed.
  12. Delete - Permanently deletes the broadcast.

You can search for a specific broadcast mailing list using the search bar. In the Archive tabs you can set whether to display or hide the archive: Hide (removes from the list those mailings that are in the archive), Show (shows mailings that are in the archive), Everything (shows all mailings that have been created).

In this tab, you can create new broadcast mailings and manage existing ones. To create, click on the Create Broadcast button.

For more information on how to create a broadcast list, see the article "Mailing lists".