Broadcasts are an important way to keep in touch with your contacts. You can inform them of current news about the company, share product updates, company updates, special offers and promotions, case studies and successes, and anything else you would like to promote broadly.

To create a broadcast mailing, you first need to prepare a letter template. This can be done directly in a funnel (Funnels > Pages > Training Jet) or in the Broadcasts tab or during the creation of a newsletter. Read more about creating a letter template in the article "E-mail Template".

In addition to the letter template, you will need to create a list and specify the conditions for sending. This can be done in the Broadcast Lists tab or during the creation of a newsletter. Read more about creating mailing lists in the "Mailing Lists" article.

How to create a broadcast mailing

Go Emailing, then click the Broadcasting. Click Create Broadcast. A window will open with the following fields:

  1. Name - The name of the mailing. Choose a name that will clearly describe what your mailing is about.
  2. Description - Add a description to add additional data.
  3. Distribution list - Select from existing mailing lists or click Create to create a new list. For more info on how to create a mailing list, read the article "Mailing Lists".
  4. When to send this broadcast - Send Immediately: The emails will be sent immediately after you click the Save button, or Send later: The emails will be sent at the time you specify. Set the date and time and click the Apply button.
  5. Template - Choose a letter template or click Create and create a new template for distribution. Read how to create a template in the article "E-mail Templates".
  6. Click Save to save your broadcast!

Manage Broadcasts

On the Broadcasts page all your created broadcast mailings are listed with the creation and sent details:

  1. Date Created - When this newsletter was created.
  2. Name - Duplicates the View Broadcast button on the right and opens the View Mailing window. Here you will find detailed information on the list: creation date, sent date, number of e-mails, opens, clicks and more.
  3. Sent - The number of sent and scheduled emails. If an email was undeliverable you will see this as well.
  4. Opens - How many emails were opened.
  5. Clicks - The number of link clicks from the email.
  6. Unsubscribe - How many people unsubscribed from the list.
  7. Scheduled - The date the mailing was sent.
  8. Status - Scheduled or Sent.
  9. View Broadcast Button - Opens the View Mailing window where you can see detailed information.
  10. Copy Button - Allows you to create a copy of the broadcast.
  11. Archive - Moves the broadcast to the archive when it is no longer needed.
  12. Delete - Permanently deletes the broadcast.

You can use the search bar to quickly find a specific broadcast mailing list by its name. And the Archive tabs allow you to display or hide the archives: Hide (hides all mailings that are in the archive), Show (shows the mailings that are in the archive), Everything (displays all mailings that have been created).