A lead is a guest who visited one of your pages and submitted data about himself using a form on a page, ordering a product, entered their email address, etc. In the "Customers" section, "Contacts & Leads" tab all the lead data is displayed.

Lead List

In the "Contacts & Leads" tab all leads for your project are displayed, as well as the related funnel so you can immediately determine where the lead came from. Contacts are listed in a table – you can sort by clicking on the column title and filter the list by clicking on the "Advanced filters" button above the menu.

  1. Name - The name of the lead. Clicking on the name opens the Lead Profile and event log. Duplicates the "View" icon.
  2. Email - Lead's email address.
  3. Phone - Lead's phone number. If they didn't enter a number the field will be empty.
  4. Funnel or source - Which funnel and website or webform the lead came through. If you click on the link provided a window will open allowing you to edit the form the lead came through. If you wish to see the actions taken by the lead, see the Timeline on the Lead Profile (accessed by clicking the lead's name, or the "View" icon) which shows all the actions related to this prospect: form submissions, purchases, phone calls, etc.
  5. Tags - This field will display the tags Sales Jet has attached to the lead. A tag is a special label that contains additional information for categorization. For example: a tag can be added to new customers so that the sales manager knows who to call.
  6. Last Form Submit Date - This shows when the lead last sent a form.
  7. Date Added - The date the lead was added to this list, that is, took an action on one of your pages.
  8. The "View" icon - Opens the Lead Profile (duplicates clicking on the lead's name)
  9. The "Delete" icon - Removes the lead from the list.


There are 4 search windows available on the page with which you can filter the list of leads. All of these items interact together. So if you fill in 2 fields, Sales Jet will select the leads to which both values correspond. For example, if you enter into the filter the name of a funnel and the date of the last form submission the leads from the specified funnel for that particular date will be shown.

  1. Search - In this field, you can enter the name of the contact, his email address, phone, etc.
  2. Tabs - Enter the tag attached to the lead.
  3. Funnel - Select a funnel from the list.
  4. Last Form Submit Date - Filters by date of last form submission.

Advanced Filters

Click the "Advanced Filters" button. You will see the "Filtering and Search Conditions" window. Here you can define a large scope of conditions for creating a contact list.

Click the "Add new condition group 'AND' +" button. You will see the following available conditions:

  • Inside the funnel
  • Has a product
  • Has a tag
  • Lead/Contact attribute
  • Date added
  • Date visited page
  • Bought a product
  • Amount paid
  • Currently has a Training Jet Subscription
  • Completed Training Jet
  • Training Jet course step completed
  • Started a Training Jet course
  • Last Training Jet activity
  • The Training Jet subscription has expired
  • Has a Training Jet account
  • Has been imported with the session

For a detailed description of each condition, see the article "Activities in the stream" under "Conditions for performing actions".

To create a condition, select an item from the list. For example, "Completed Training Jet Course". Now you will set the conditions: select "Yes" or "No". Select "Yes" to create a list of lead who have  completed a course. If you select "No" then a list of users who have not completed the course will be displayed. Next you will enter which course you want the condition to filter on. If you click the "View Results" button a window will open that shows you a list of all the users found. Next, click the "Apply" button. Only those contacts that meet your specified conditions will be visible in your Lead List, and you can export this list if you choose. 

This is a simple example of contact filtering. But the list can be fine tuned by adding multiple conditions.

For example, select the condition "Bought a product". Then create another condition by clicking the "Add new condition group 'AND' +" button and select the "Lead/Contact Attribute" condition. You will see a second condition section has opened below the first. In the drop-down menu select the attribute needed (for example, the delivery address). Then select the condition "Contains" and in the field next to that enter the value "New York". Now you have filtered your customers to show only those who have bought product which was delivered to the city of New York. By filtering the leads in this way, we can contact all customers in New York to invite them to a live event with a new product presentation.

Export and Import

In addition to the advanced filter, there are two buttons on the page: "Export" and "Import". These allow you to add additional contacts and export contacts to use outside of Sales Jet.

For details on these two features, see the articles "Exporting Contacts" and "Importing Contacts".

Contact / Lead Profile

You may access the lead's profile by clicking on the person's name or clicing on the green "View" icon at the far right of the Lead List.

Click either link and the Contact Profile window opens with detailed information about the lead:

  1. Main Info - Contact's details: Name, phone, email and tags are displayed here.
  2. Additional Info - Date when the lead signed up and date and time of their last visit.
  3. Event Log - In this section there are several tabs: Timeline, Sources, Orders and Payments, Products and Training Jet (visible only if the contact has a course subscription). "Timeline" shows the sequence of events and actions that the client carried out on the site, as well as the response actions of the Sales Jet funnels. In the "Sources" tab you can see where the client came from. "Orders and payments" shows information about customer orders and payments. In the "Products" tab you will see the products purchased by the customer. And the "Training Jet" tab shows which Training Jet courses the customer has subscribed to. Details on each are below.


In this tab you not only see the actions related to the lead but you can open each email to view its statistics as related to this lead: the number of email opens & number of link clicks from this lead.

Click the link to open the email statistics. You will see:

  1. Email address of the company, the text template of the letter, the mailing through which the letter was sent.
  2. Number of times an email was opened and clicked.
  3. Text email with links.


This section shows the funnel from which the lead came.

Orders and Payments

Here you will find the detailed information about the order: Creation date, contact details, payment amount, payment method and order status.


This tab shows the products added by the customer. It can be free info products or paid products.

Training Jet

All information about a customer's Training Jet subscriptions and courses is displayed here.

Contact and lead information provides detailed information about customer actions on your site and can be analyzed and used in a variety of marketing campaigns.