Importing Contacts is the transfer of contacts from a device (computer, phone, tablet) into Sales Jet.

When you want to use Sales Jet with your existing customer base whose contact details are stored on your computer you would use the Import function.

In the Customers section, go to the Contacts and Leads tab where you will see all of your contacts / leads.

Click the Import button which will open a new window – Importing Leads.


Source of

Specify the data source you wish to import.

To upload a file you can drag and drop the file from your computer into the "Click or drop files here to upload" field. Accepted file formats are: txt, csv, xlsx. You may download an example file to get a better idea of what kind of file you should be importing.

Another way to transfer contacts is by using Copy and paste text. In this field you can import contacts by typing the data directly or copying from another text file. You can use the Clear button if the information was entered incorrectly or has errors and the field will be completely cleared. After that you can re-insert the contact list in this field.

You will need to name the import session. This name is necessary for more convenient search and filtering of leads. You can specify the name in any convenient format: text name, enter the date, time or number of leads.

When you are satisfied, click Next Step.



Next you will be taken to a mapping window where you will see on the left, the fields from your import, and on the right, the fields Sales Jet automatically substituted. Make sure these field types match so the data you provided will display correctly in Sales Jet.

For example: the name of the contact imported must be matched to the First Name field in Sales Jet and the phone number must be mapped to the Phone field. The only required field which must be is e-mail; the remaining fields are optional.

The values in the right column can be changed if Sales Jet recognized the value incorrectly or if you do not want to import part of the data into Contacts and Leads. For example, if you do not want to import the client’s phone number you can change the value to “Do not use”. This information will not be transferred to Sales Jet.

In case the current separator looks wrong, click on the Edit this button and you will be prompted to change the separator. Different programs use different separators. For example, Excel uses the tab separator. Separator options are: comma, tab, space, vertical bar, semicolon. If the separator is used incorrectly, the program will not be able to determine to which value the data belongs. Change the delimiter option and Sales Jet will recognize the values.

If your spreadsheet has headers be sure to select the "First line is header" checkbox.


The confirmation

This screen allows you to see an overview of the import to verify it is correct before you begin. You will see the following:

  • Total Lines - The amount of data being imported. Each field type is a line so name, e-mail, phone would be 3 lines.
  • Will be imported - This is verifying the number of lines being imported.
  • Columns are mapped and will be loaded - Notes the fields which will be loaded.

If all data is correct click Import. If you need to make edits click Back to return to the previous step.



The final step shows the progress. When it is complete, you will see the message Import Complete.

Click the Show Imported Entries button to view the imported contacts or the Close button to close the import contacts window.