Contact Attributes refers to the information that a customer provides on your web page (website). The most common attributes are name, telephone, email. You can change the attributes requested so that the client provides the information you need.

Why contact attributes are needed

A customer makes a purchase of your product on the site. You, in turn, to provide this product, need to clarify customer data. For example: if you sell a subscription for an electronic product you need to know your customer's email.

Another example: you will need to call your customer to agree on delivery of goods ordered, so you include in your phone the phone number and address fields. At sign up the customer supplies his telephone number and delivery address. 
You can also request from the client an internal identifier, personal pin, or a discount code.

How to set contact attributes

Go to the "Project Settings" section "Contact Attributes" tab. Click the "Add attribute" button.

In the window that opens, write the name of the attribute you wish to collect. For example: delivery address, discount code, city of residence, age, personal pin, phone number, duration, etc. Next, select the type of value your client will enter:

  • Text – text value. This will be straight text that the client enters: the address, city, and their data in any form.
  • Date and time – the client enters the date and time in a special date/time field.
  • Number – This is a special field for a numeric value.
  • Checkbox – This provides a box where the client can mark consent or selection when filling out the form.  For example: you can request from the client consent to processing his personal data. Another example: allow a box to be checked for the customer to receive newsletters. 

You can create an unlimited number of attributes for your clients and use them on different sites and in different situations. To easily manage your attributes we have provided a search box. Enter the attribute name in the search box, for example: "address", and you will be shown only those attributes that have the word "address" in the title. Suppose you have several attributes with this value: the delivery address, the residential address, the store address, the address of the issuing point. All these attributes will be displayed in a list.

If the attribute is not used you can archive it by clicking the "Archive" button on the right. Once archived that attribute will not be displayed in the general list but you can find it if needed by pressing the "Show" button in the Archive section.