Exporting contacts is the transfer of contacts from Sales Jet to your device (computer, tablet, phone).

You can export contacts to transfer them to another program, print them out, or transfer them to another person for processing (for example, a call-in manager).

In the Customers section, go to the Contacts and Leads tab. Here is list of all your contacts / leads. You can set a filter to select contacts that meet a specific condition or by default show the entire list. 

How to export contacts

In the Lead List click the Export button.

This opens the Export Contacts window based on the list you selected in the previous screen:

  1. A warning - A message at the top of the page reads "Attention! Contacts with the current filter will be exported. If you want to change the filter, close the window and filter the contacts". If you need to change the list you will need to return to the prior screen and re-filter the list.
  2. Number of contacts to export - The total number of contacts you have selected for export.
  3. Select fields to be exported - These are the contact attributed. Check any you wish to include in your export.
  4. Other contact attributes - These are the custom attributes you created in the Contact Attributes tab.

Once you have chosen the conditions you need, click on the Export button then choose the folder where you want the list to be saved. Click the Save button to save the file to your computer. Note: exports may only be done on a desktop or tablet and will be exported in Excel format, displaying the data exported in a table with columns.