SMS messages are one of your tools for interacting with customers. You can actively use SMS text messaging in your funnels.

SMS messages are a paid service on the Sales Jet platform. To send SMS to your contacts, you must deposit at least $3 to your account balance and connect a phone number from which to send the SMS. You can make a payment by going to the Access and Payment tab or by clicking the Make a payment button.

A phone number registered through Sales Jet is required to send SMS messages. To connect one go to the Project Settings and click Phone Settings, or click Phone Settings on the top right.

How to connect a phone number

Click the Phone Settings button, or go to the Project Settings tab Phone Settings.

Click the Get new Phone Number button. You will see a list of available numbers. Select a country, search for a specific area code (if you desire) and select a phone number.


Note: Russia and Ukraine are not in the list of countries. These countries do not provide numbers to connect through Sales Jet.

You can also filter the list by phone number optoions: SMS messages, voice calls or MMS messages.

After you select a number, click the Buy this number button. A window with the selected number will open. Check Process Incoming Messages and Process Incoming Calls boxes. If you do not check the box, then you will not be able to receive incoming messages and calls from your contacts.

After you have purchased the number, return to the SMS section where you will see the following menu tabs:

  • Sent
  • Templates
  • Received
  • Broadcasting (coming soon)


SMS messages are sent by Sales Jet funnel actions or manually via SMS broadcasting. Under the Sent menu you will see a list of all sent SMS messages:

  1. Lead / Contact - Shows the phone number from which the SMS is sent and the contact number to which it is being sent.
  2. Text - A snippet of the message text.
  3. Status - Status of the message.
  4. Based on Template - If a template was used to create the sent message it will be shown here.
  5. Price - Shows the cost of one SMS.
  6. Sent Date - When the message was sent.
  7. Open Chat button - Here you can receive and send messages to the contact, in real time.

If you want to send a single message to a contact / lead, use Send message in the upper right corner.

But if you want to send SMS messages to a large number of contacts use the funnel or broadcast. Create a funnel by going to the Phone Settings tab. For more information on how to create a funnel for SMS messages and phone calls, see the article "Phone Settings".


SMS templates are previously created templates for SMS messages. For example, you can add an action to send an SMS message to a specific page within a web funnel or create an SMS mailing. Sales Jet will save that to a template for future use.

The list of templates are:

  1. Text - This is the text of the SMS message.
  2. Connected to actions - Shows the funnel to which the stream is attached with the action "Send SMS".
  3. Sent - Shows the number of messages sent.
  4. Last Send Date - When the message was last sent.
  5. Delete button - You can delete a template that is no longer being used.


Sales Jet will receive incoming SMS if you selected this option at purchase and the sender's country supports this service.

In the Received tab you will see a list of all received messages.

Broadcasts (not yet available)

Here you can create an SMS distribution.


There are three buttons on the top right of the page:

View Prices button - You can see the cost of SMS messages.

Send SMS button - Allows you to quickly send a single SMS message to one number.  Complete the SMS Template Editing form:

  1. Use Phone Number - Select the phone number from which the message will be sent from the drop-down menu. If none are displaying a new number will need to be connected.
  2. To Phone Number - Enter the phone number to which the message will be sent.
  3. Text - Enter the text of the message you wish to send.

Phone Settings button - This button will redirect you to the page where you can purchase a phone number. On this page you can get a new phone number, change settings, connect a funnel to a phone number or delete a number. For more information on how to connect a funnel to a phone number, see the article "Phone Settings".