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Here you can learn how to use SalesJet marketing platform.
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Fast start

Information that will help you quickly start using SalesJet

Menu Overview
Overview of the menu toolbars on the Sales Jet site
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Contacts and Leads

Description of the section on contacts and leads

Contacts and leads
Description of which client and lead data is available to you and how to manage this section.
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Websites, Funnels and Pages

How to work with funnels and pages

Creating a funnel
Description of the sales funnel; how to create and manage funnels
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Create a new web page
How to create a website page in Sales Jet
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SalesJet Stream

How to work with threads

Sales Jet Flow
Description of what a flow is and why it is needed.
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Page Flow
Description of the page flow and its functions.
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Types of events in each of the flows
A detailed description of the events in the funnel flows, page flows, and Training Jet flows
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Types of actions in the flow
A detailed description of the types of actions in the funnel flow, page flow and Training Jet flows.
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Funnel flow
Description of the funnel flow
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Email and broadcasting

About email, email broadcasting

Sales channels

Description of sales channels

Page Editor

Page design and how to work with editors

General overview of the page editor
Overview of toolbars in the page editor.
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Products and services

How to work with products and services

Providing Training Jet courses

How to work in Training Jet and what it is

Project Settings

General description of project settings

Project Settings
Manage account settings and information about your company.
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Team members
How to add users to your project and configure access.
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Access and billing
Description of plans, payment methods and payment history
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Email settings
How to set up email and SMTP connections
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Contact Attributes
Details about the user and his contact information.
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