Sales Jet makes phone calls according to the flow actions inside the funnels and pages.

Go to the Sales Channels section and select the Phone Calls tab. You will see a page with outgoing telephone calls. If your account balance does not have enough funds to make calls, you will see a red box with the notification: "SMS sending is stopped. To be able to send SMS, you must have more than $ 3.00 on account balance". This means that you do not have enough funds to make calls and you need to replenish your account. To do this, click the Make payment button and you will be redirected to the payment page.


On this page you can see a list of outgoing calls. If no calls have been made yet, the page will be empty. If calls have already been made, you will see a list of your calls:

  1. Lead / contact - Shows the phone number from which the call was made (numbers are purchased and connected in Phone Settings) and the phone number which was called – the lead's number.
  2. Duration / Status - Lists the duration of the call, the status of the call (for example, completed) and the date of the call (for example, 7 days ago).
  3. Based on Template - Which template was used for this call. If a template was not used, the field will be empty.
  4. Recording - Call recording will be available in this column if you have activated this service.
  5. Price - The cost of the call. There is a 1-2 minute delay for the cost to appear.
  6. Date - A repitition of the date of the call as shown under Duration / Status. 

Phone call templates

Templates are scripts for phone calls made by Sales Jet.

You can create ready-made templates for outgoing and incoming calls, and use them in your funnels. To create a template, click the Template tab on the Phone Calls page. Read below for more data on how to create a template.

After you have created a template, you will see a list of your available templates:

  1. Title - The name of the template and its description.
  2. Connected to actions - The funnels or pages which are using this template.
  3. Calls Made - The number of calls made using this template.
  4. Last Used Date - The date of the last call made using this template.
  5. Date Created - When the template was created
  6. View button - Opens the template for viewing.
  7. Edit button - Opens the template for editing.
  8. Delete button - Deletes the created template.


Sales Jet can accept incoming calls if you have configured your phone number to receive incoming calls, and if your phone supports incoming calls.

This page will display a list of incoming calls with the same information as for outgoing calls:

  1. Lead / contact - Shows the phone number from which the arriving call was made and the phone number which was called.
  2. Duration / Status - Lists the duration of the call and the status.
  3. Based on Template - This it the template you created for calls, or an empy field if the template is not configured.
  4. Recording - Call recording will be available in this column if you have activated this service.
  5. Price - The cost of the call. There is a 1-2 minute delay for the cost to appear.
  6. Date - The date the call was received.

How to create a phone call template

In the Templates section, click the Create a Phone Call Template button.

You will see the Edit Phone Calls Template window. Fill in the fields:

  1. Name - What you want to call the template.
  2. Description - A descriptive explanation of what the template is for.
  3. Use Phone Number - Choose from the list or connect a new number.
  4. Record Call - You can check the box and connect call recording. This service is charged separately. For the cost click the View Pricing button.
  5. Initial Calling To - Select the phone number to which the call will be made: Contact number - the number that the visitor indicated in a form, Custom Number - enter the number manually.
  6. Steps after answer - Select the step that Sales Jet will perform after the subscriber answers: announce the message, connect to another number (in the case of the subscriber’s answer, the call is transferred to the operator), pause, hang up the phone. The description of this field will be discussed in detail in the example.
  7. Testing the Call - Enter the phone number and click Call Now, then check how the voice message works.
  8. Click Save Template to add the template to your list of available funnel templates. 

Sample phone call

Suppose your company has a web page with a phone call request form on it. A visitor on your page fills out the form so he can get a discount on a particular service (for example, a 50% discount on a haircut at your salon). When the visitor submits the form the funnel with that event action is triggered and Sales Jet sends the defined response action - a phone call to the client.

This action could consist of several steps. In our example this is:

  1. Connect with another number - After the visitor has submitted a form Sales Jet calls the manager of your company. In the phone call template, you defined the phone number and the number of your manager.
  2. Speak the message - The manager answers the call and hears a recorded message: "New application from the Client Natalie Jones to get a haircut with a 50% discount". The second step in the template is “Say Message". The text you enter here is what the message will say. You can add variables by clicking the Show Variables button and use customized fields to tell the manager the name of the lead and other information on the form. (For example: the person's gender or their location).
  3. Connect with another number - After the message is relayed Sales Jet automatically makes a call to the lead and connects the manager and lead in the call. The manager can then schedule the appointment for the stylist.

Here is another example:

A visitor on your webpage submits a form and in response, Sales Jet makes a phone call to the lead.

  1. Speak the message - The customer takes the call and hears a recorded message about a particular product (for example, a haircut with a 50% discount). The client is invited to speak with the manager and sign up for a haircut.
  2. Connect with another number - The call is transferred to the manager, who communicates with the client and makes an appointment with the stylist.

You can customize any sequence of steps in a phone call template. You can also customize actions in a flow and use call templates in your flows to acheive a wide range of sequences and actions.

Read more on this subject in the articles "Funnel Flow" and "Page Flow".