A Container Element is a part of a webpage that includes other elements (icons, buttons, pictures, etc.). This element groups together several other elements so that they can be moved, selected, etc as one.


General Settings - You can change the background color for the entire container and set which devices will display the container using Show on screen (mobile phone, computer). This allows you to tailor the page for each device used by a visitor to view the page.

Background image - You can set and edit a background image. To do this, upload an image from your computer and set it as a background image.

  • Filling - This sets the placement of the background image inside the container. There are 4 options: Auto - places the image automatically inside the section (the upper left corner of the picture coincides with the upper left corner of the section), Manual - you can set the picture inside the section as you like, Fit - place the whole picture inside the section, Cover - place the picture so that it fills the entire section.
  • Repeat - Repeats picture inside the container. There are 4 options: No repetition - the picture does not repeat, Repetition - the picture repeats repeatedly and fills the section completely, repeating horizontally - the picture repeats many times, but only horizontally, Repeating vertically - repeating the picture many times vertically. You can adjust the position and size by using the Show Assistant button which allows you to move the image inside the container.
  • Position - Allows you to edit the position of the image in the container.
  • Brightness - You can change the brightness of the background and the background image inside the container by adjusting theslider up and down. The remaining elements in this section will not change.



Border - You can set and customize a border around the container: set the frame style (solid, dotted, dashed, double, inset, outset), and set the thickness and color of the frame. 

Round  Corners - You can set and customize rounded corners for the container. Rounding can also be configured from different sides in different ways: only from one corner or from two.

Shadow - Create a shadow for the container and change the color, size and blur. 

Text Shadow - Create a shadow for the text in the container, and set the color, size and blur.

Conditional Show - This function will hide or show the selected item from the visitor. For example: if you want to show a special offer to a new user and then hide this offer from then on, you would turn on Conditional Show. Select "Show" if you want to show the item, or "Hide" if you want to hide it from the visitor. Then select the condition: first visit, return visit, the product has a special offer and has already registered.