Orders are completed purchases.

To view your customers' orders, go to the Customers section in the left menu, select the Orders and Payments tab, and click on the tab Orders. This will display a list of orders from your site. If the lead has added a product to the cart or has moved to the payment page, it will be included on the order list.

You can use this list to change the order status, contact the customer by phone or email, change the delivery information or change the contents of the order (add or replace products).

Order List

In the Order List you will see the following information displayed:

  1. Order number – Each order is assigned a unique number. This number is also displayed in the Payments section.
  2. Date Created – When the order was created.
  3. Status – What stage of processing the order is at. This field can be edited.
  4. Connected Lead – Clicking on the linked name, the guest / lead profile opens: name, email, phone, action log. If the visitor placing the order has not provided his data there will be no information displayed and you will only see the visitor's actions on your pages.
  5. Shipping Information – Shipping information is displayed here if the user has specified a shipping method and shipping address.
  6. Order Amount – Shows the amount of the order placed.
  7. Paid Amount – Shows the payment received.
  8. Payment Method – Displays the method of payment.
  9. Is Fully Paid – Will display Yes or No to indicate if payment in full has been made.
  10. View button – Click this button to make changes to the order.

If you click on the name of the client you will be taken to the Contact Profile where you can see the customer's information as well as their actions on the page. If you click on the View button you will see and be able to edit the order information.

Order Processing

Click the View button which will open the order for editing. 

Order status

Select one of the following from the drop-down menu:

  • Created – User created an order.
  • Payment Step – The user has started the process of payment for the goods, but has not completed it.
  • Pending – No payments have been made for this order, and the order is waiting for a response or action from the seller.
  • Pending (has payments) – Payment has been made on the order, and the order is waiting for a response or action from the seller.
  • Prepare Shipping – Order is in preparation for shipment: selection of goods, assembly, packaging.
  • Shipped – Order has been shipped and is in transit to the customer.
  • Fulfilled – The customer received the order.
  • Order cancelled – User cancelled his order.

You can change the status of the order at any time through this menu.

Connected Guest / Connected Lead

Click on the customer's name to see the client information: name, phone, e-mail as well as the customer's event log: visit, add to cart, delete from cart, send form with order details and more.

Shipping Information

If the product requires delivery, you can make changes to the shipping details: shipping cost, delivery address, the recipient's name, phone number and e-mail. Click the Edit button to change the delivery data:

  • Shipiping Method – Displays all possible delivery methods you have created in the tab Shipping Methods.
  • Shipping Price – Automatically calculates the cost of the selected delivery method.
  • Tracking Code – You can enter the tracking code to quickly find and relay shipping information.
  • Information – Here you will enter customer and shipping address information (customer name, email, phone, country, city, zip code, address). In the comments, you can specify any additional information or special handling notes about this order.

Order Content

Click the Edit button to make adjustments to the order (add a product, change the product, remove an item from the order).

Note: You can change the contents of the order only if the order has the status "Pending", "Pending (has payment)", "Prepare Shipping".