A Domain is the address of a website on the Internet, consisting of a set of letters and numbers. Each domain name is unique.

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a higher level domain. For example: admin.salesjet.io is a subdomain of the higher level domain salesjet.io.

You can attach your existing domain to Sales Jet or Training Jet to either sell products or courses to visitors. 

Note: Domains can only be added on FIRST CLASS and PRIVATE JET plans.

How to add a domain

In the Project Settings tab, go to Domains. Click Add New Domain.

In the new window fill in the following fields:

  1. Domain – There are two selections to choose from: For websites and funnels, or For Training Jet.
  2. Domain – Write the name of your existing domain.
  3. Redirect to Address – If you want to redirect from a subdomain to a higher-level domain, then enter the URL address you want to user to be redirected to.
  4. Copy the DNS value and add it in the DNS settings in your existing domain.
  5. Click Save Domain.

Note: if this is a top-level domain, you will need to specify the type A record in the domain settings in DNS, noting the IP address.

The final step will be to verify the domain. Click the Check button which will run a test. If Domain Confirmed appears, the settings are correct. If Domain Confirmed does not appear, then double check your  settings are correct and make any needed edits.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital signature that allows you to create a secure encrypted channel between a web site and a client browser. SSL certificates are especially needed for websites that handle user's personal data, payment systems and confidential information. Encrypting this data will protect them from being intercepted by third parties.

You can get an SSL certificate on Sales Jet by clicking on the Get button under the SSL Certificate column – provided that you have a paid plan. After receiving the certificate, the site will not work for 10 seconds while it creates the encryption. After that, the site will resume functionality.

Having an SSL certificate increases search engine rankings and increases user loyalty.