Facebook form is a way to contact lead information through Facebook. Facebook users see your ad in their feed on Facebook and fill out a form. You can link this form to Sales Jet allowing you to see his contact information and send a response action: send an email, SMS message, make a call and more. To do this, you must set up the form on Facebook and then connect to Sales Jet.

How to create a Facebook form

Go to your Facebook profile click the far right drop down arrow, then click on Manage Pages.

You can use an existing page or create a new one to send ads and collect leads and their contact information.

Note: The page must be created on Facebook, not Instagram, and must be set up under your personal account.

Go to the page you wish to create an ad for and click the tab More in the top menu, then select Publishing Tools. In the right-hand menu that opens, select Form Library under the Lead Ad Forms tab.


Click the Create button in the upper right corner to add a new form. In the window that opens, select New Form and then click Next. Fill in the form details:

  • Form type – Select Increase volume.
  • Intro – Here you can add images, write a headline and body of text for your ad.
  • Questions – You will need to specify which fields will be visible to the lead: email address, phone number, first name, last name, city, birthday, etc. This defines what data you receive. Select the options you need.
  • Privacy Policy – Paste the URL link to yourprivacy policy specifying what you do with the data the user provides.
  • Thank You Screen – Configure the thank you page shown to the user after the form is completed and submitted.

Click Save if you want to be able to edit the form later, or click Finish if the form is complete and ready to use. Once you click Finish you will not be able to access the form later. You will have the ability to copy and duplicate an existing form and edit that version.

How to connect your Facebook form to Sales Jet

Go to the Facebook tab and click Attach New Form.

You will be promted to login to Facebook as your personal profile. Sign in using your Facebook username and password and select the page(s) containing the forms you want linked to Sales Jet.

Give permission for Sales Jet to access and manage and access leads for your page and click Done. In the next window click Ok and your form is added! Now you will be able to see your form in the list under Facebook Lead Forms: 

  1. Name – The name of the form. Clicking on the name duplicates the "Edit" button.
  2. Date Created – When the form was created.
  3. Lead Count – Total number of leads (people who filled out this form on Facebook).
  4. Last Lead – Date of the last added contact.
  5. Flow button – By clicking on this button, you can add a stream to your Facebook form.
  6. Edit button – You can change the name of the form and attach it to a specific funnel.
  7. Archive button – Transfer the form to the archive.
  8. Delete button – Removes the form from Sales Jet.

You have the option to search for forms, Facebook pages, and show or hide archived forms. 

For how to create a funnel from a Facebook form, see the "Facebook Form Feed".