Training Jet Subscriptions are a way for users to access training courses on Training Jet. This access is limited in time and allows the user to study a specific set of courses or just one course.

Subscriptions may be paid or free. It can give access to different periods of study – for example, for one course you can set a period of 180 days, for another 30 days. A subscription may include access to several Training Jet courses or just one course.

How to create a subscription

Under Training Jet click on the Subscriptions tab. Here you can create a new subscription or manage existing ones. To create a subscription, click Create New Subscription.

In the window that opens complete the following fields:

  1. Subscription name.
  2. Description.
  3. Price – You can change the currency in Project Settings > General tab.
  4. Duration in days.
  5. Most Popular – Check if you wish to define this as one of your most popular courses to your users.
  6. Hide Subscription From Users not Having a Subscription - If the subscription is hidden, you must sell it through a funnel or manually assign it to the user. If he had a subscription in the past, he can buy it himself inside Training Jet.
  7. Subscription type – General subscription (includes all) and Subscription to courses (specific courses and materials).
  8. Save your settings.

Subscription Management

In the Training Jet Subscriptions tab, you will see a list of created subscriptions:

  1. Subscription name.
  2. Subscription type (general or specific rate).
  3. Price (subscription price).
  4. Sales of 30 days - you will see the amount recieved for subscriptions sold during the last 30 days.
  5. Sales Total – amount received for the entire sales period.
  6. The "Edit" button - the subscription editing window will open.
  7. "Delete" button - deleting a subscription is possible only if there are no sales of this subscription, added users or other components, otherwise this subscription cannot be deleted. In this case, it will be transferred to the archive.

Hidden subscriptions are available in the Products tab.