Your company's products are what you sell to your customers through the Sales Jet platform. To add products or services go to the "What to sell" section and click on the "Products" tab.

In this section you can manage the products you have for sale: add new ones, delete unnecessary or old products, edit the cost, description, name, etc.

What are the products

In Sales Jet you can sell any goods and services. To do this, simply select the type of product:

  1. Physical goods - This is any physical item you sell. For example: books, phones, clothes, bags, etc.
  2. Service - This is any service you provide. For example: manicure, cleaning, car repair, construction of a country house, etc.
  3. Downloadable (Digital) product - This is a file that can be downloaded from the site. For example: e-book, catalog of goods, song, etc. The option "Free Download" is available for the downloadable product (if the client can download this product without payment).
  4. Subscription - Access to training courses on the Training Jet platform. You can sell training courses one at a time or group them together. You set the number of courses in the subscription. Read more in the "Training Jet Subscription" article.

For more details on how to add products, see the article "How to create a product".

How to manage products

When you add products and subscriptions, they appear in your list on the Products or Service page, where you can manage them: edit, archive, delete. 

In your Products list you will see the following information:

  1. Title - This is the full name of the product and its type. When clicked, this link will open the product editing window.
  2. Updated date - This is the date of the last product change.
  3. Price - The value you set for the product.
  4. Sales for 30 days - The sales amount for the last month.
  5. Total sales - The sales amount since the product was launched.
  6. "Edit" button This is a duplicate function of the Product Title link.
  7. "Archive" button - Removes the product from the list and adds it to an archive list.
  8. "Delete" button - Completely erases the product.

In the search bar, you can search for products by name.

Using the "Type" drop-down menu you can search for products by type: product, service, subscription, digital product.

The "Archive" section shows or hides the products that were archived.