A Form is an element that collects the contact information from the lead. A form looks like a table with fields to fill in, usually with contact information (name, email, phone, shipping address, etc.).

Click on Add Element in the Page Editor, then drag the Form element into the desired location on the web page. Clicking on the newly added form will open the form editing menu, consisting of three sub-menus: General, Advanced, Animation.


General Settings - Select the entire item to open the settings for this form. You can change the text color, background color, and choose which device(s) will display the form using "Show on screen" (mobile phone, computer, or both). This allows you to tailor the page to display different content based on the device used.

Form action - This is where you will configure what action will occur after the lead enters his information and clicks Submit. 

  • Show the message - Displays a message to the visitor once form submitted; specify the message you want in the field below.
  • Redirect to page - Redirects to a Sales Jet page.
  • Redirect to address - Redirects to another page URL; type the address in the field below.

Unique email - You can specify that the form can be submitted only one per email - a message will pop up that this e-mail is already registered.


Border - You can customize the border around the button: border style (solid, dotted, double, dotted, inside, outside), thickness and color.

Round Corners - You can adjust the rounding degree of the button corners.

Shadow - Create a shadow behind the button, choose a color and adjust the shadow dimensions and blur.

Text Shadow - This section adds a shadow to the text inside the button. You can change the shadow and blur dimensions as well as change the text shadow color. 

Conditional impression. This function will hide or show the selected item from the visitor. For example, if you want to show a special offer to a new user, then hide this offer and do not show it again. Turn on Conditional Impression. Select "Show" - if you want to show the item, or "Hide" - if you want to hide it from the visitor. Then select the condition: first visit, return visit, the product has a special offer and has already registered.

Settings for individual items in the Form

Each element in the form can be customized: size and indentations, color, add and change borders and margins. By clicking on each individual form field you will be able to edit the same menu functions listed above. Each field is separate for full customization. For more information on text elements, read the articles "Text Element" and "Title Element".

The button at the bottom of the form also has the same customizations available, and are further discussed in the article "Button Element".

Field Settings

Includes the following features:

Lead Attribute - Select from predefined attributes such as name, phone, email or create your own to capture tailored information to your product (age, shoe size, gender, delivery time, etc)

Select "Create attribute" and a new window will open where you can define the field and select what kind of reponse is required - text, date, checkbox, etc.

Field Required - Choose whether the field is required or not by selecting this box.

Placeholder - You can choose to display pre-written text in the field to give the visitor an example of how to fill in the field: enter name, telephone, etc. The placeholder text disappears once the field is completed.

Font Size - Set or change the font size.

Padding Left - Increase or decrease the indentation of the text within the field. The indent can only be changed to the left of the text.

Text color - Set and change the text color.

Background color - Set and change the background color.

Checkbox settings

Checkbox - this is a special field in the form which you can use to signify understanding, agreement, or a positive selection by your visitor. This field is always in the created form, but it is not mandatory for some countries.

Clicking on this form field will open the following menu items:

Lead Attribute - You can change the definition of this checkbox. The default attribute is "Accept the condition". You can remove the attribute or create a new one by selecting "Create attribute".

Required field - Will require the checkbox to be selected before proceeding.

Font size - Set and change the font size.

Line height - Set and change the line height of the field.

Indented left margin - Increase or decrease the text indentation inside the field. The indentation can only be changed to the left of the text.