The Text element is a block of text on a webpage.

You can text to your web page by clicking the Add Element button in the upper right of the Page Editor. In the menu that opens, drag the Text element into the desired location on your page. Clicking on the newly added text box will open your Text editing menu: set and edit the block name, save all your settings, and adjust settings in three sub-menus – General, Advanced, Animation.


General Settings - Change the text and background color, and select which device(s) will display this text; mobile or desktop or both. This feature allows you to tailor the pages to look different depending on the device used by the visitor.  

Padding - You can change the indentation of the text inside the text box. This function is used to move the text away from the frame borders - you can set different indentations on each side. 

Text Style - Set and adjust the font style, size, thickness, line height and alignment within the text block.

Text Shadow - Turn on a shadow effect on the text, and select the shadow color and dimensions. This effect is best used when the background is not uniform, making the text hard to read, as well as to make the text more voluminous.


Border - You can customize the border around the text: border style (solid, dotted, double, dotted, inside, outside), thickness and color.

Round Corners - You can adjust the rounding degree for corners of the text frame.

Shadow - Create a shadow behind the text, choose a color and adjust the shadow dimensions and blur.

Text Shadow - This section adds a shadow effect to the text. You can change the shadow and blur dimensions as well as change the shadow color. 

Conditional show. This function will hide or show the selected item from the visitor. For example, if you want to show a special offer to a new user, then hide this offer and do not show it again. Turn on Conditional Impression. Select "Show" - if you want to show the item, or "Hide" - if you want to hide it from the visitor. Then select the condition: first visit, return visit, the product has a special offer and has already registered.