An icon is a ready-made visual element that you use as a graphic design for a page. Icons are uploaded to the Sales Jet editor and updated regularly for your use.

Select icons by clicking the Add Element button in the upper right of the Page Editor. From the menu that opens, drag the Icon element to the desired place on your web page. Clicking on the newly added icon will open the icon editing menu. There are two sub-menus: General & Animation, as well as the option to name the icon and save all your settings.


General Settings -  Change which device will display the icon; mobile or desktop or both. Allows you to tailor  the page with different content based on which device is being used.

Icon Settings -  Select the icon by clicking in the Search box which will display all options in a drop-down list. You can choose to add rotation to the icon, change the color and background color. You may also change the shape: a rectangular or round icon.

Shadow - Add a shadow by clicking the toggle on. You can select the color of the shadow and well as adjust the dimensions of the shadow and it's blur.

Padding - You can change the amount of indentation on all sides of the icon within the field of the element itself. That is, make the icon larger or smaller inside the rectangle (circle) of the icon.

Round Corners -  You can adjust the degree of corner rounding on a rectangular icon.

Click Action - In this section, you set what happens after your guest clicks the icon:

  • Custom link - The visitor will be redirected to a web page which you specify in the next field - the link. Enter in this field the page URL to which the visitor will be redirected.
  • Page Link - You will redirect the visitor to a web page within your Sales Jet funnel. You cannot redirect a visitor to third-party site using this selection (use the Custom Link instead). In the "Page selection" drop-down you will see a list of your Sales Jet pages; select the page you want to redirect the visitor to.
  • Product File Download Link - The visitor can download a file by clicking on the icon. In the "Product file" drop-down choose one of your available products to alllow the visitor to download the product through this icon. If this field is empty, create a file in the Products tab. Read more in the article "To create a product".
  • Purchase - This option will redirect the visitor to the order payment page. In the drop-down "Product selection" choose a product from the list (product, service, subscription) and a click on this icon will add that product to the cart and take the visitor directly to the product payment page.
  • Add to cart - This action adds the product to the cart, but does not take the visitor to the payment page. The visitor remains on their current page, but a cart opens on the right with the added products.
  • Show popup - If you link a popup to this icon you will be asked to choose one of your popups from the drop-down menu Popup Select. If no popups show up in this drop-down selection then you will need to set one up in the Popups section at the top of the Page Editor menu.
  • Scroll to Section - Will redirect the visitor to another section of the current page. For example: jump to the end of the page. In the drop-down menu "Section selection" choose the section the visitor will be redirected to.