A team member (Additional Sales Jet Administrator) is an additional user in your project. Adding additional users to the FREE plan will cost $10 per month for each user you add. On the FIRST CLASS plan 3 users are included and every additional is $15 per month per user. If you have the PRIVATE JET plan, 5 users are included and you can add more at $10 per month per user. 

For more details, read " Access and Payment ".

How to add a team member

To add users, go to the "Project Settings" tab, then click "Team Members". Click the "Add Team Member" button. 

A form will open where you will: 

  1. Enter the email address of the user you want to add to your project.
  2. Assign permissions and access rights for the team member. Each user can have different permissions and access rights. You can choose one option, several options, or all. For example, you can give one Sales Jet administrator access only to the Training Jet section and for another access only to the Sales Channels section.
  3. Be sure to click "Save" to create the new member.

After you save the new team member, he will receive an email inviting him to join your project along with a link to activate his account. Once he activates his account he will have access only to those features you specified.

Note: If a team member already has a Sales Jet account, he will receive an email invitation to the project without the activation link as his account is already activated. In the "Project" tab he will then be able to select your project from the list of available projects.

Permissions and Access options

Access rights are determined by the functions the user will perform and each user is able to be assigned a different set of rights. For example, a user who is responsible for creating a sales funnel may not have access to Customer Relations as another user is responsible for this function.

Let's review each option in more detail:

Sales Channel Editor - Gives permission to create sales funnels for your product. Can create and edit existing sites.

Sales Channel Analyst - Grants permission to see statistics on your created sites. Those with this role checked will see all the data related to your website analytics, but will not have access to contacts or lead information. Website visitor analytics includes information such as: traffic sources, geography, devices (from which a client visits the site), number of visits per day/month/year, and more.

Email and broadcasting - Able to send emails and SMS messages; create and edit mailing lists.

Products Editing - Create, edit, and delete products and services in the "What to Sell" section, "Products" tab.

Customer Relations - Able to edit your contacts and leads found under the "Customers" section, "Contacts & Leads" tab. The user will see all information provided by the client and will be able to make changes to the customer's information.

Orders and Payments - Provides access to the "Customers" section, "Orders & Payments" tab where customer's order history & payment information is stored.

Team Management - Able to add users to the team, change access rights and delete team members.

Access and Payment - Grants access to Sales Jet account and payment information. User will be able to pay for services used on Sales Jet and add money to the account. They may also make changes to the current plan, view your payment history, and access and edit billing information. 

Project Settings - Allows the user to edit general project settings: name, description, currency.

Training Jet Administrator - Grants ability to manage all functions in Training Jet: edit all settings in Training Jet, users, courses, etc. The user will be able to create, edit and delete training courses on Training Jet, manage user data, change the name and description of the course, change the logo, domain, payment system and the smtp connection.

You can at any time change the access rights for your employees and partners, remove them entirely from your project or add new users.