The "Project Settings" tab is located in two places on the site: in the top menu under the "Project" button, and in the left-hand menu, under the "Settings" section.

When you click on "Project Settings" a menu opens with additional tabs that allow you to change various aspects of your project.

General - Change your project name, description, and currency type. This information is only visible to you.   

Team Members - Here you can add employees or partners to your project and set the level of access for each member: limit user rights or grant full access. The access level is set individually depending on the user's role. Our paid plans include additional team members with an option to add more if needed for an additional fee. You may add additional users to the free plan at $10 per user. 

To add a user, read the article "Team members".

Email settings - In this tab, you can configure the email address from which emails will be sent to your clients, as well as the sender name and additional information visible in a text message (for example, to offer "Unsubscribe" to customers). This information will automatically be displayed in every email sent to customers. To see an example of how the email will display you may enter an email address to receive a test message.

To set up email sending, see "Email Settings".

Shipping Methods - If you are selling a physical product that requires delivery you can specify the available delivery methods here. These will be visible to your customer during checkout.

For more information, see the article "Delivery Methods".

Payment Gateways - You can connect several payment options for your customers to choose from during checkout. When you click on "Create Payment Integration" a list of available payment options (Cash, Stripe, PayPal) appears.

To add payment options, please read "Payment Instruments".

Domains - Here you can connect your existing web domains to Sales Jet. You may also create new web pages, landing pages, and funnels. This option is only available on our paid plans.

For more information on how to connect domains, see the article "Domain".

Phone Settings - Under this tab you can purchase one or more phone numbers to make automatic calls or send SMS messages to your customers. Adding an existing number, such as your current business phone number, is not possible at this time. When you click "Get new phone number" you will see a list of available numbers for purchase. You may search for specific attributes if you wish, such as a specific area code or a specific set of digits. The "View SMS Pricing" and "View Voice Pricing" tabs will show you the prices charged for each type of service. Depending on the country, prices may vary to those listed. 

For details on connecting phone numbers, see "Phone Settings".

Contact Attributes - Create and manage customer form fields, such as when a customer places an order. In this tab, you can add any desired client parameters such as age, shoe size, requested time to call, discount coupon number, etc. When a customer places an order on your site, they will see and be asked to complete the form fields listed. This customer data supplied will be displayed in the "Contacts and Leads" tab.

Read more in the articles "Contacts and Leads" and "Contact Attributes".