After registering and signing into the SalesJet website you will see the main page of the site.

The top menu contains:

  • Project 
  • Account

The menu on the left is divided into sections:

  • Dashboard
  • Sales Channels
  • What to Sell
  • Customers
  • Settings

You can hide the left menu by pressing the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.


Project Settings is where you can customize your projects: assign or change a name, add a description and set up the currency. The add new Project tab allows you to create additional projects for activities you wish to keep separate, for example: have different client bases.


In the account section you can change your personal data: first name, last name, password. Your email address can only be changed by technical support so please contact us if needed. Here you can set up two-factor authentication if you choose. This adds a secondary layer of protection – when logging in you will receive a code via e-mail which you will need to enter before gaining access to the account.

Let's take a quick look at the tools in the menu on the left.

Sales Channels - This section contains tools for creating sales funnels, sending emails and text messages, automated phone calls and integrating with a facebook page. This facebook integration allows you to connect lead-generation ad forms to SalesJet and then apply special contact actions (emails, text messages, etc.) to those leads.

What to Sell - Here you manage your products for sale on Sales Jet. You have the ability to add physical goods (for example: books, cosmetics, household goods, etc.) and digital products (for example: downloadable documents, music, video files, etc.). Here you will also find Training Jet – the membership platform on which you can create training courses.

Customers - This section includes a list of all contacts and leads received as a result of your marketing activities. This is also where you can control orders and payments from your customers.

Settings - The Project Settings tab is a duplicate of "Project Settings" from the top menu and performs the same functions as listed in Projects above. In the Access and billing tab you can change your plan, see upcoming payments, manage payment methods and add funds for your marketing.

Support Center and Partnership - The Support Center provides technical assistance if you have any issues using the site. Partnership is an affiliate program with the opportunity for you to earn money by promoting the Sales Jet website. Clicking on this tab you will find your Sales Jet affiliate dashboard with your unique affiliate link that you can place in ad campaigns and send to your friends, clients, customers and leads. Sales made through your affiliate link will be credited to you for commission payment.

At the bottom of the site you can find copyright information, read the user agreement, privacy policy, and choose the site language.