For each element in the page editor there is an Animation function. You can apply animation to all elements: text, image, button, icon, etc.

Animation is an effect added to an image to make it move.

Animation is located in the right-hand menu in the Page Editor. It has the same set of settings for each item.

How to customize animation

Type – This section contains various types of animation: sliding, jumping, rotating, etc. Choose any type of animation. When you select an animation type it will fire so you can see a demo of what it will look like. To view the animation again, click the Play button. Select an animation type from the list.

Duration – Set the duration of the animation from the list.

Delay – This is the delay before the animation starts playing. Select a delay time from the list.

Repeats – You can adjust the number of repetitions for the animation by selecting a number from the list.

Condition –

  • Visible or Scrolled to element – Animation is triggered when a visitor scrolls on a page to an element with animation.
  • Mouse is over element – Animation works only when the visitor directs the cursor to the element.

Play Button – Click the button to play the animation that you set for the element.

Stop Button – Click the button to stop the animation.

Copy Button – Click to copy the animation style you created.

Paste Button – This button will be available after you copy the animation style. Allows you to apply the animation to another element.