PayPal is the largest electronic payment system, and allows customers to pay bills and make purchases online, as well as send and receive money transfers.

Follow our instructions to connect the PayPal payment method and integrate it into your Sales Jet account:


PayPal Registration 

Follow this link to register with PayPal. Select your PayPal account type: Personal Account or Corporate Account and click the Continue button.


Personal PayPal Account

If you choose a personal account, then you will have the following form to complete:

  1. Country – Enter your country.
  2. Email address  Enter an email address you want connected to your PayPal account. 
  3. Create a password – Create and write a password for the account.
  4. Confirm password – Retype your password.

Click the Next button.


Personal data

Next, you will have a form in which you must enter your personal data. When you have completed that, check the box at the end to accept the User Agreement and the Privacy Statement.

Click the Agree and Create Account button. After confirming your details, your account will become active and you can use it to receive payments.


Corporate PayPal account

If during registration you choose Corporate Account then you will just need to enter the email address you want to link to your PayPal account.


Company data

Next, you will need to sign up for a business account by creating a login and password and information about your company.

After filling out the form, click on the Agree and Continue button. You will be asked for additional company information and then information about the account holder. You can add an employee to your corporate account so they can track payments or perform other functions.

After submitting these forms, your corporate PayPal accoutn will be ready to use.


Sales Jet Integration

After the account is created, integrate with Sales Jet. Return to Sales Jet, go to Project Settings > Payment Methods and click the Create Payment Integration button. Select from the list PayPal and complete the form that appears:

  1. Name – Write a name for this payment method.
  2. Description – Add a description, which your customers will see.
  3. Button Text – Add the text for the button so visitors will know which button to use.
  4. Connected Funnels – Select a funnel from the list of your funnels.
  5. Is Primary Payment Method – Check the box if you want to make this the primary payment method.
  6. E-mail – Write the email address you used for your PayPal account.

After filling out the form, click Save Integration. Now PayPal will appear in the list of payment methods.