Stripe is a company that develops solutions for receiving and processing electronic payments. You can read detailed instructions on how to connect Stripe on their site link or follow our instructions:


Stripe Registration

Follow this link to register with Stripe. Fill in the registration form:

  1. Email – Enter your email address.
  2. Full name – Enter your first and last name.
  3. Password – Create a password.
  4. Confirm password – Retype your password.


API Connection

Select a connection using the API Solutions for developers.


Getting the API keys

In the Stripe dashboard, select the Get your test API keys dropdown which will display 2 keys that you will need to copy and paste to integrate with Sales Jet.


Sales Jet Integration

Return to Sales Jet, go to the Project Settings > Payment instruments. Click the Create Payment Integration button. Select Stripe from the list. Then complete the form in the window that opens:

  1. Name – Enter the name of the payment instrument.
  2. Description – Add a description of the payment method. This description will be available to your customers.
  3. Button text – Write the text that your customers see.
  4. Connected funnels – Select a funnel from the list.
  5. Is Primary Payment Method – Check the box if you would like this to be the main payment method.
  6. Publishable Key – Enter the key you copied on the Stripe website.
  7. Secret Key – Enter the key you copied on the Stripe website.

After completing the form, click Save Integration and you will see Stripe as an available payment method.