Mobile Optimization is the creation of a mobile version of the site, based on an already created web page.

Mobile site optimization increases the speed and efficiency of promotion for mobile users, attracting new visitors and customers. Also, a mobile version of your site significantly affects your search engine ranking. If the site has a high-quality mobile version it is considered more attractive and is shown higher in the list of search results.

Web pages do not have a fixed size of the visible area of the browser. Everyone has different screens and different proportions. Because of this, when using a web version of a page the site may look different on mobile devices than you expect.

To make your page look exactly the way you want, use mobile site optimization. Optimization is performed in the page editor.

How to optimize a web page

Go to the Mobile view by clicking the phone icon in the bottom toolbar.

The page will resize and will look the same as if it was open on a mobile device.

You can change the order of elements on the page, adjust the size of elements or even hide objects and elements that don't work well to reduce the page size for faster loading.

When you are done making changes to the mobile version click save. All changes will be saved on the mobile version of your page, however the computer version will remain unchanged.