Element Alignment is the placement of two or more elements at the same level relative to each other. To align the elements on the page, use the Guides.


Guides are lines that show you that the element is level with another element or another object.

Guides appear when you move an element on a page and it aligns to something. Guides disappear if the element is shifted and is not aligned to anything. If the element is moved close to another element or to the page borders, then this element will snap in. The snapping effect of an element helps you align several objects along one line, along a page border, or the center of a page.

Guides show the alignment of the element borders as well as the text. You can set two or more items so that their text is aligned.

Guides pop up only if the element is close to another object, at a distance of no more than 500 pixels.

Alignment of elements

You can align multiple items. Select the desired items with the mouse. These elements will be highlighted with a yellow frame. Now you can move these elements around the page and their position will be fixed relative to each other.

If you use the Align buttons on the toolbar on the left, the elements will be aligned inside the highlighted yellow field. The alignment of elements will occur relative to the selection boundaries.

For example, if you choose to align with the left edge, then all elements will be moved to the left edge of the element, which is located on the left relative to all other elements. If you want to align the elements to the top, then all the elements will be aligned to the top edge of the element located on top of the other elements.

Alignment of a group of elements

You can select multiple items (clicking SHIFT + CLICK) and click on the Group button that will appear to group all those elements together. The alignment of a group of elements occurs along the borders of the entire page, but maintains the relative positions of the elements within the group. Use the Align buttons on the toolbar on the left to move the group of elements up or down the page section, or position the group along the left or right border of the section.

For more information about element groups, see the article "Element Group of Elements".

Aspect Ratio

You can resize an element to better align with the other elements around it. This is helpful when you want one element (for example, a picture) to be the same size as another element (for example, text).

To change the size of the element, select the element and drag the edges either larger or smaller. The element size will be changed without maintaining the aspect ratio. To maintain the aspect ratio, hold down the Shift key and drag the corners of the element.

To resize multiple elements select the desired elements and drag the edges of the yellow field. Stretching the corners of the element changes the size, and if you want to maintain the aspect ratio hold the Shift button.